Welcome to the WordPress home of Blues Vintage Guitars, Inc., one of Nashville, Tennessee’s premier buyers and sellers of vintage and newer, high-quality musical instruments and equipment. My name is Gabriel Hernandez, and I am the owner and company President.

I moved to Nashville from south Florida with my wife several years ago to be the web editor for Gibson Guitars at the company’s world headquarters here in Nashville. My time at Gibson, however, was cut short when I became a casualty of the struggling economy of 2009. Along with 200-plus other fellow employees, I was laid off without any warning whatsoever. Needing to find a way to make ends meet for my wife and two children, and fortunate enough to know a lot about guitars – and a thing or two about marketing – I started buying and selling guitars and other musical instruments via eBay. Fortunately, my “part-time” endeavor – which I was doing while also sending out countless resumes all over town – soon turned into a full-time business which I am now very proud to call Blues Vintage Guitars, Inc.

I started out in a small retail location near Nashville’s famed Music Row for one year, but being that most of my business was online I soon decided to move into a more “office”-oriented location where I could concentrate on my online sales, yet also have a place where my local customers could come and sell me their merchandise and/or view my available inventory by appointment. The result has been nothing short of magnificent!

Today, in a town full of musical instrument dealers, I am very blessed to be considered one of Nashville’s premier destinations for the buying and selling of vintage and newer, high-quality used musical instruments and equipment. I buy and sell everything from vintage acoustic and electric guitars, to basses, mandolins, resonators, banjos, vintage electronic pianos and keyboards, vintage saxophones and trumpets, vintage European accordions, old harmonicas, along with newer, high-quality instruments and equipment of all kinds. Throughout the year, I also travel the country in search of the finest vintage guitars and other musical instruments. At each stop I have on hand a team of experts to properly evaluate each and every vintage guitar and instrument that walks through the door, and make a fair and honest offer for them. Whether its $10 or $100,000, I am more than prepared to offer and pay top dollar for all vintage guitars and other musical instruments. And if you’re not sure what you have, no problem. Because I’ll help you figure out what you have and won’t charge you a penny to do it!

If you have any questions whatsoever, please call me direct at 1.888.407.2717 or 1.615.613.1389 for an over-the-phone evaluation and estimate. You can also email me at bluesvintageguitar@att.net. And if for any reason you can’t come to me, I can come to you or make it very easy and safe for you to send me your vintage guitar or instrument. I have a blanket insurance policy that covers ANY instrument – no matter its value – either coming to me, or coming from me. It’s easy, it’s safe, and it’s the best way to get top dollar for your vintage guitar or instrument. So don’t sell yourself short. Call me today! You’ll be very happy you did. And thanks in advance for your business and consideration. I certainly do value and appreciate it.

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  1. Rick Moore says:

    Gabe, did you see this article? I’m the guy who called you a couple months ago when I was writing it… http://www.americansongwriter.com/2014/07/nashville-truly-vintage-guitar-town/

    • Yes Rick, I did see the article and extend a HUGE THANK YOU for including me in your wonderful piece! I appreciate the mention, and look forward to hopefully meeting you face-to-face one day very soon. Please don’t hesitate to contact me anytime, and thanks again for the mention. It means a lot to me, especially from a fellow journalist/writer!!! Take care brother …

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